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Hello, world! I'm a developer and designer.

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  => "Marist College"

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  => "Computer Science"

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  => "May 2021"

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  => ["Design", "Code", "Coffee", "Typography", "Music", "Editing", "Fashion"]

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        company: "Mission Cloud Services Inc."
        role: "Cloud Engineer"
        startDate: "February 2021"
        endDate: "Present"

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Marist College 2017 - 2021
Computer Science, B.S. Poughkeepsie, NY

Relevant Coursework:
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Software Development
  • Software Systems and Analysis
  • Data Structures [&] Algorithm
  • Data and Information Management
  • Design for User Experience

Mission 02/2022 - 10/2022
Cloud Engineer Beverly Hills, CA

Joined the cloud operation team to learn how to coordinate deliverables from a technical perspective, ensuring compliance to SDLC activities and standards in accordance with industry best practices. Drive the architecture's development in order to achieve business goals, such as automating cloud-native technologies, deploying applications, and provisioning infrastructure.

LinuxBashGitAWSPython TerraformDockerKubernetes

Cornerstone OnDemand 09/2021 - 11/2021
IT Service Desk Intern New York, NY

Joined a global Corporate Technology Services team responsible for managing all internal corporate systems affecting all aspects of the business. Assisted with onboarding and offboarding, as well as providing on-site and remote technical support for all Cornerstone employees. Worked on strategic projects with cross-functional teams to improve processes and overall company alignment.

LinuxWindowsActive DirectoryMicrosoft Office Suite ServiceNow

Snap Inc. 06/2021 - 08/2021
Software Engineer Intern Santa Monica, CA

Interned with Software engineering team in a scholastic participation with Snap Inc. As a result, learned a wide range of skills in full-stack web and mobile development, with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, React Native, Firebase, and Firestore. Developed an original socially conscious feature that highlights nonprofits on Snap Map with React Native frontend, demoed with Apple/GoogleMaps "Unity", and pitched to Julie Henderson, Snap Inc’s CCO.


Work + Fun

Unity   Led a small team of developers, designers, and marketers with BIPOC non-profit Community Coalition. Built feature that highlights nonprofits on Snap Map with React Native frontend, demoed with Apple/GoogleMaps. Developed Snapchat clone with user authentication and group chats using Google Firebase Firestore [&] Auth backend. Pitched prototype Snapchat feature to Julie Henderson, Snap Inc.’s CCO, and over 120 public audience members.

Snap Lens   Developed a Snapchat face filter "Tobi Mask," a deep learning Naruto-inspired Snap Lens can detect Facial Keypoints, leveraging JavaScript, JSlibraries p5.js, ml5.js, and Google Teachable Machine to animate four augmented reality effects that change depending on the user's face expression, and head rotation.

Oregon Trail   Created a web based re-imagining of “The Oregon Trail” game using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Users will travel the trail, encountering forts and rivers along the way. Hunt and rest to replenish supplies. Party members may perish on the journey, but as long as at least one survives to Oregon, the user will win.

Zork   Developed a text-based adventure game “Zork'' with a graphical interface in Python as a final project for Intro to Programing course at Marist college.

Wav Music App   Led a team of three designers in the design and successful implementation of a multi-platform music app “Wav” using Invision Studio, Photoshop, and Figma.

Arduino   Built an Arduino MIDI Controller that generates and transmits MIDI data to MIDI enabled devices.

Interactive brush   Created an “Interactive brush” with p5.js that responds to users’ cursor positioning.

Outfox   Project Manager in a senior capping project “Outfox,” where I led a team of 12 to create an open source learning management system for students, individuals, and businesses, with the ability to upload, share resources, and content.

Chicken Enchiladas Recipe   Coded a “Food Recipe” webpage that show detailed step-by-step procedures on how to cook my favorite dinner dish chiken enchiladas with using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.